Does low calorie beers like Skinny have good taste ?

skinny beer uk

A low-calorie beer (SkinnyBrands) has been developed that, according to the makers, tastes exactly like Corona but has only around a third of the calories.

A bottle of Skinny Lager contains only 89 calories, but a Corona contains 148 calories.

Currently, three of the most popular beers in the United States are low-calorie, although the light versions of the major brands are nearly difficult to come by in our stores.

Despite their reputation for holding less alcohol and sacrificing on taste, Skinny Larger still has 4 percent alcohol, which is only 0.5 percent less than the alcohol content of a Corona.

It sounds too good to be true, so we put it to the test with some of our friends to see if they could identify the differences between these two beverages in a blind tasting test.

In our group of six men, practically all of us noticed a difference in flavor and could distinguish the Skinny beer from the other beers.

Skinny Lager, which was introduced in the United Kingdom 2 years ago, wasn’t the only light beer that can be found on the shelves of supermarkets.

There is Coors Light beer, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular beers on the market. It includes the same quantity of alcohol as Skinny Lager, but it has 27 fewer calories than the latter.

A number of popular beers have been lightened up by major manufacturers, like Corona Light (which has 99 calories), Heinekin Light (also with 99 calories), and Amstel Light (also with 99 calories), yet the majority of Brits do not drink them.

Even lower calorie Bud Light bottles can be purchased, with only 80 calories per bottle, however they contain fewer alcohol than a standard can of Budweiser, 3.5 percent as opposed to 4.5 percent.

Skinny Lager is made with a “unique brewing procedure that removes leftover sugars from the liquid without decreasing the ABV,” according to its creators.

It is also good for vegans, and it is gluten-free, which really is a plus for individuals who have a gluten sensitivity or allergy.

Millennials are likely to be attracted to Skinny Lager because of its vegan credentials. The amount of vegans in the United Kingdom has increased by 360 percent over the last ten years, and younger generations are becoming more concerned about their health and environment than older generations.

SkinnyBrands Ltd and Cameron’s Brewery in Hartlepool, County Durham, have collaborated on the new beer, which will are available at Morrison’s stores from 2017.

A new lighter brew, Skinny Lager, has hit the shelves, following the popularity of Thomson & Scott’s Skinny Prosecco, which was introduced earlier this year.
Skinny Prosecco has 67 calories per glass, so it won’t leave many room for extra meat pies. However, considering that a bottle of regular prosecco has only 80 calories, I’d call it diet friendly.

Considering this, the Skinny Prosecco is quite popular, and it is now available in Zizzi restaurants throughout the United Kingdom.

Most likely, its appeal stems from its lower sugar content than traditional prosecco: 7 grams per litre, as opposed to 12-15 grams per litre for conventional fizz.

Skinny Lager is expected to be well-received as well, given that sugar is currently the public enemy no. 1 at the moment.
It remains to be seen whether it will go down as easy over a barbecue on a languid summer evening.

Still we found Skinny Lager very attractive as for low sugar and in overall it you like low ABV beers you definitely loved, it has something special, and I can’t deny it…

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