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GERMAN WHEAT BEER: Rothaus Hefeweizen Alkoholfrei is the quintessential German wheat beer, retaining it’s full, fresh flavour with less than 0.5% alcohol. This traditional Hefeweizen impresses with the best stripped back ingredients, using a system that’s only on of its kind in Germany to extract the alcohol in a gentle process, leaving the beers’ aromas intact. This non-alcoholic Hefeweizen gains it’s fine sparkling taste from Wheat malt, aromatic hops, and Rothaus’ own brewing yeast.
NO ALCOHOL: This unrecognisably alcohol free beer comes from Rothaus, one of the most respected German Beer brands in the world. With a special dealcoholisation process and aroma recovery, the zero alcohol Hefeweizen retains it’s full flavour, leading to a fruity, fresh beer taste. Perfect for those designated drivers, gaining the full Hefeweizen experience, without the hangover. A refreshing drink that is great for a warm, summer day.
APPEARANCE & FLAVOURS: This non alcoholic beer has a slightly cloudy appearance, with rich golden tones and a touch of copper, finishing off with a solid white head. Scented notes of fresh straw, honey caramel, and fruit, such as ripe apple and banana. Upon first sip there is a rush of sweetness, similar to a banana that has been drizzled with honey, with a pleasant effervescence throughout, finishing off with a quick dry flash of bitter tastes.

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