Christmas wine nightmare.

wine bottle sun set
Emma lived with her parents and brother in a small English town. She loved Christmas as well as mysteries; her keen eyesight allowed her to spot clues quickly while her sharp mind enjoyed reading books, watching shows, or playing puzzle-filled board games that involved puzzles or hidden passageways that led into mysterious areas of play. Emma spent most of her free time reading or exploring mysteries involving puzzles or clues of any sort – be they books, shows or games involving these activities – for entertainment or clue hunting purposes. One day she found an unexpected key in her attic that seemed strange but wasn’t for anything in particular – an old and rusty key with intricate design features and an embossed letter “W” made an appearance and bewitched her into discovering its purpose. When asked by both parents and brother what it might be used for they suggested souvenir or decoration purposes before dismissing as insignificant. Emma felt discontent. She thought the key held some hidden significance; perhaps there was even some hidden mystery associated with it? Determined to learn more, Emma set off in search of its secrets. She searched her house to locate an identical lock to match the key she held; checking every door, drawer, cabinet and closet but finding nothing; leaving her disappointed at having failed in this mission. She decided to explore her basement after not going there in some time and didn’t care much for its dark, damp atmosphere; full of old and unused things which was unappealing and dull. She took one look around, only to be confronted by boxes, bags, books, clothes, toys, tools and junk. With no new discoveries made thus far in life – or so she thought – it seemed hopeless. But as they looked more carefully they found something important. She had just about given up and returned upstairs when she noticed something odd: a crack in the wall! As she got closer, however, it turned out not to be just that but actually more like an opening in another door with its own lock that fit with their key! She got intrigued. She examined it closer, seeing something unexpected: instead of simply being cracks in a wall but actually seams between panels instead – making an entire door! When closer inspection ensued it turned out not just that there wasn’t just one wall there were actually several walls with locks matching keys! She couldn’t believe this wasn’t just chance! She wondered who it could possibly come so soon when something strange appeared in front of her eyes: when something strange appeared unexpected: cracks. On closer examination she found an opening – not crack but rather seam between panels! When closer closer she realized this was different: not crack but seam between panels or door panels made from another material or material which made an entirely separate doorway was present that only when examined closely could she noticed an unexpected door with lock that fit with key it was. She was delighted when she came upon a mysterious door and wondered what lay hidden behind it. To discover more she took out her key and used it on the lock; turning it, hearing a click before pushing open and opening up what turned out to be a secret room behind it all. She was stunned. She’d discovered a secret room, and wondered what could possibly be in it. After entering and turning on the light, she saw bottles – many wine bottles! Some were old bottles with labels and dates attached that belonged to different countries or regions from centuries or eras ago and others rare and valuable rarities from centuries or eras before her own time period. She began looking around. She noticed several rare and valuable ones hidden amongst all these old bottles! She was shocked. She’d discovered an unsuspected wine cellar. Assuming it had come from somewhere, she wondered who put it there, why they concealed it there, what purpose it served there and whether she should even keep it herself now that it had come her way. She decided to tell her family. So she went upstairs and called them. She revealed a surprise; something secret; or possibly even unknown to them at all! She proceeded with telling them about this eventful discovery she made at work that very morning. She led them downstairs and to a secret door before opening it and showing them inside, where there was a room and wine cellar hidden from sight. She explained how and why they found it before sharing what her opinion of it was. Their response left them shocked and curious; so, following her into the room and exploring, they too saw things that she saw; had similar concerns and emotions as herself; all had questions for each other as well. They decided to conduct further investigations, searching the room for any clues and clues, eventually discovering an old ledger book which contained names and numbers as well as “The Wine Club”. Once inside they opened it and read page 1. “This book serves as an official record of members and meetings of the Wine Club, an intimate secret society for wine enthusiasts and collectors established by William Winters as original owner of this house in 1899.” The Wine Club meets once every month on the night of a full moon to share and sample some of the world’s finest wines in their secret cellar. Their motto is ‘Wine is Life” while they adhere to one rule: ‘What happens at Wine Club stays at Wine Club”. As their secret statement goes: “Wine Club: not just another club…it’s an underground movement!”. Shocking and curious, they had discovered a secret society. Curious as ever, they explored all that they knew of its activities – what it did and knew; as well as any secrets it may hold or conceal from public view. So they decided to turn the page and read more, turning back in December 1899 when William Winters founded and led The Wine Club at its inaugural meeting, consisting of twelve members (including himself ) attending. Each month they brought wine for tasting purposes – so much for reading a novel!” They began with champagne from France to mark the new millennium and ended it off with port from Portugal as a warm drink to keep warm on an otherwise chill night. Toasts and chants ensued: ‘Wine is life; life is wine; power and magic both depend upon wine for their manifestation in our world and so, ours does too’ At first they held rituals and sacrifices with blood as wine; later they developed plans wherein wine became all-encompassing by becoming time, space, fate and all in all wines – meaning all life became wine at some point or other.” They said “Wine was time; time became wine. Wine became flesh; flesh became wine. Soul, Soul became wine… Wine became theirs”. As time and space passed they came up with plans wherein time itself became wine along with fate which became fate then fate turned all into wine.” They were shocked and curious. They’d discovered an underground sect, leaving them wondering about its motives and desired goals, what role it might play within society, what its actions could cause, what its function entailed – all while feeling that something untoward had happened to their friends or themselves. They decided to turn the page and read further, reading entry number 13 that stated, ‘January 31 1900 was when The Wine Club held its second meeting and saw eleven members present including William Winters as its founder and leader; these eleven brought and tasted 11 wines; each for each member in attendance.” They began with a German Riesling to honor Robert Riesling, their founding member who died first from natural causes – though in truth he had been murdered! For his wine; for his blood; soul; secret reasons! They used his death as part of their plan. Before concluding the last stage, they shared some sherry from Spain as they prepared for phase two – toasting and chanting: ‘Wine is life; wine is power; magic lies within wine – wine belongs to us all and none can claim otherwise ‘. They had a ritual and sacrifice, where wine represented blood, flesh, soul, spirit and life; then wine became theirs to drink as time and space moved forward – time meant wine; fate meant fate – so all is wine”. They used time as their commodity: time was wine and space meant wine (TIME=Wine = All is Wine ). They planned in secret: Time=Wine is Wine’ They were fearful and fascinated; they had discovered an act of murder! Who it belonged to; why they carried it out; and how and when. Read On… They decided to read more, turning the page and reading entry #238 of William Winters’ Wine Club Journal which stated, ‘February 28, 1900 was when its third meeting took place with 10 attendees including William Winters as founder/leader, each contributing wines for tasting by member.” They tasted 10 wines each time… They began with an Italian Chianti to honor Charles Chianti’s memory – their second member to perish – but this claim of accidental death turned out not be accurate; in truth they killed him outright: for his wine; his blood; soul and secrets that kept them apart from everyone else. They killed him for their plan and concluded their celebration with an English claret, serving a toast and singing their new chant: ‘Wine is life; life is wine; power and magic in wine are magic; magic lies within each bottle and each bottle belongs to us all – so long as there’s wine’ They performed rituals and sacrifices and claimed wine was blood, flesh and soul theirs to drink alone as their wine’. With no plan in sight they then said wine represented time, space and fate in equal measures — making all things interlinked like water drops falling downhill into rivers – in essence; all is one. They were terrified and intrigued, having discovered an unfamiliar pattern which they couldn’t fully explain or interpret, yet still couldn’t put into words what exactly was going on here and where exactly this path led. What had it revealed so far? Well taking 2 bottles or 3 gives out from this shit for a while. That’s an true story which could be fake.
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